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Saudi Women Selfies Driving for Freedom

Saudi Women Selfies

Saudi Women Selfies

Last week a protest was sparked by Saudi women who didn’t see any lawful basis for the driving ban on females in their country.

Of all the countries in the world, only Saudi Arabia disallows women to drive.

There is no clear law or provision in their laws banning women to drive. That’s why Tamador Alyami, an activist and writer, urged the authorities to clarify the reason and basis for the prohibition. “They are giving us confusing messages. There’s nothing clear about it, no clear law, no clear punishment, so the message is not clear and that’s why we’re fighting for it,” Alyami said.

Some of their colleagues who originally planned to participate in the movement have chosen to stay at home after receiving phone calls from the government threatening prosecution if they participate. But that didn’t stop most of the women activists who risked arrest and got behind the wheel to show their protest. They even posted videos online of themselves driving.

The campaign, which was held on October 26, has started a wider debate in Saudi regarding problems on how women are treated there. One of those who took part in the protest is a popular comedian and activist, Hisham Fageeh.

Fageeh recorded a video and posted it on YouTube on the same day of the protest. He entitled the video, “No Woman, No Drive,” an apparent unique twist on Bob Marley’s popular song ‘No Woman, No Cry.’

The video gathered 140,000 views only within hours after being posted online. The Saudi women selfies meme is here to stay and we welcome it.

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