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Rihanna Disappoints Israeli Fans and is Slapped with Class Action Law Suit

Rihanna Disappoints Israeli Fans

After recently disappointing her home grown fans in the Caribbean by the cancellation of her diamonds world tour concert in Barbados, hurting the already fragile economy, it seems more problems are afoot, this time Rihanna disappoints Israeli fans

While business is booming globally for the young pop princess, it must still hurt being slapped with a class action law suit, demanding a third of ticket sales back in compensation due to Rihanna turning up over an hour late, to her own show at the beautiful Hayarkon Park location in Tel Aviv.

The head plaintiff is requesting reimbursement from the Israeli production company responsible for putting on her show last week October 22nd, stating, the production company purposely acted negligently.

The Israeli production company also made a statement that they had no connection to the lateness of the Bajan super star.

It was broadly reported that the singer arrived in Israel that morning, 3 hours after she was supposed to be scheduled to arrive, after which she was transported to the Dead Sea to chill out, leaving many wondering why she was late.

While Israeli Rihanna fans got see her in concert albeit a little late, they did have to endure over an hour of zero entertainment or music after the warm-up acts had come off stage.

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