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NSA Authority Breached; Was Obama the Smoking Gun?

NSA Authority Breached; Was Obama the Smoking Gun

NSA Authority Breached; Was Obama the Smoking Gun

Last week President Barack Obama was accused of knowing about the National Security Agency’s efforts to spy on German Chancellor Angela Merkel and perhaps even approved it, according to an NSA official and a German newspaper.

According to The Economic Times, on the condition of anonymity, a “high-ranking” member of the NSA told Bild am Sonntag that Obama ordered the operation to continue after he found it out. Furthermore, the official told the German newspaper that Obama wanted to know everything about Merkel and ordered the NSA to make a dossier on the German Chancellor because the United States President did not fully trust her.

A report made by The Der Spiegel also claims the NSA included Merkel’s mobile phone number in its surveillance list.

This incident could aggravate relations between the United States and Germany, even as Obama claimed he wasn’t aware of the NSA’s spying on the German chancellor when they had a phone conversation last Wednesday.

Recently, The New York Times reported Susan E. Rice, Obama’s national security adviser, said the president knew nothing about the monitoring of Merkel’s phone during her conversation with Christoph Heusgen, Rice’s German counterpart, last week.

Germany’s Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich was quoted by the Associated Press last Sunday when he told Bild am Sonntag he demanded “complete information on all accusations.” Friedrich added the Americans broke German law in German soil when they intercepted cellphones in German soil. “Those responsible must be held accountable,” Friedrich said.

NSA Authority Breached? Or do you feel, like some Americans, that you’re only surprised the NSA keeps getting caught out?

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