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New Porsche SUV Unveiled

New Porsche SUV Unveiled. The show held at a secret Los Angeles location introduced the new entry-level vehicle, among high hopes of finally taking the fight to Mercedes and BMW. The Macan will debut in 2015, and the smart sport utility vehicle will be built on Volkswagen’s MLB platform.

The new Porsche may share have the same ancestor as the Audi Q4 and Q5, but it is a fundamentally different car. It is, first and foremost, a Porsche, and that’s hard to deny. Looking at the Macan it is easy to recognize the familiar lines of the 911 series, while the ride height should be similar to the Cayenne. The keen Porsche enthusiast may even recognize a touch of Boxster in its stylist angles.

It may be related to the high-end side of the Porsche family, but the Macan is not a full blown sports car. When it comes to engines, this SUV has a clear reminder that it is indeed intended for the entry-level customer. The 3.0 liter twin-turbo V6 is no slouch, but the 340 horsepower is only theoretically fun to have on a track day. Still, on paper the Macan can do up to 165 mph and has a decent acceleration too.

The Stuttgart based company has high hopes for the Macan, and intends to mimic the success of the Cayenne. This new Porsche is likely to become a top seller, as both industry analysts and potential buyers already agree that the Macan will fit perfectly in the current hole of Porsche’s line.

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