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LiFi to Revolutionize the Internet

LiFi to Revolutionize the InternetEvery person reading this has probably used WiFi at least once.  There’s a good chance that you’re using WiFi to read this article.  It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, in a restaurant, or staying in a hotel, wifi is a convenient method of delivering the internet without wires.  It enables many users to share the same internet connection.  Wifi isn’t without its own headaches as any regular user will tell you.  It can often be slow and there are some serious security risks involved as well.  It’s not the perfect solution to your internet needs, it’s just the one that’s available at this time.

There is something called LiFi and it’s going to revolutionize the internet.  It uses light instead of radio waves to transmit data to devices.  Soon the days of data flowing through air waves through will be a thing of the past.  LiFi is capable of transmitting at speeds of 1GBps.  This is up to 100 times faster than current WiFi connections.  Let’s break this down for all of you out there that might not know what this means.  At these speeds you’d be able to download an entire high definition movie in just a matter of seconds.  Entire video games could be downloaded in the same amount of time.  This is lightning fast internet technology that will change the way devices are connected forever.

LiFi is about more than just how a device is connected to the internet.  It will change how people use the internet.  Every WiFi user out there knows how slow the connection can be.  There are times when WiFi makes internet users long for a dial up modem connection.  It can be slow and that in itself poses challenges for the end user.  It can make playing video games nearly impossible and watching videos out of the realm of possibility.  That’s not going to be the case with LiFi.  Everyone will be able to connect to the internet and the speeds will be out of this world.  It doesn’t matter if we’re talking a work or home setting, every person will have access to the bandwidth they need.

Every WiFi user is concerned about security.  The great thing about LiFi is that it can’t pass through walls.  Keep in mind what we’re talking about is transmitting information using light.  It should come as no surprise that light can’t pass through walls.  This means only devices that are within range of the light can get the signal.  No one will ever be able to sit outside your house or apartment and steal a signal from you ever again.  This is truly one of the most exciting advantages of using LiFi.

The way all this works is with LED lights that flicker quite quickly.  LiFi was invented by professor Harald Haas, from the University of Edinburgh in the UK.  An Estonian start-up called Velmenni is currently setting up trial experiments in offices showing how this technology works.  It’s not available to the general public yet, but this is something to keep an eye on.  Expect to see it in use in one form or the other in the next few years.  It’s going to revolutionize the office and it very well could your home as well.

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