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Joint Pain Symptoms May Predict Weather Forecast?

predict weather forecast

Throughout the centuries people from all over the world believed that changes in weather can be predicted by listening to their bodies. During the industrial revolution, as among others, medical science became a far more credible alternative, and hence some may argue that humanity forgot how to pay attention to the small pains and signs.

The older generation still attaches great significance to their bodies, but youngsters now are more likely to believe in genetic engineering than an ache in the knee.

Science has been long struggling to find proof of the link between weather changes and the response of the human body, but results so far have been inconclusive. Some papers claim to prove this while others are far more careful to jump to conclusions.

Statistics show that cold weather certainly seems to increase the risk of suffering from stroke, with the risk of suffering from a heart attack increasing by 7% for every 10 Celsius degrees of drop in temperature.

One thing is for certain, changes in temperature, humidity and barometric pressure can all have significant effect on the human condition. However it is still widely debated if it can predict weather forecasts.

Old wives’ tale or not, patients do complain of joint pain symptoms, achy bones and knee pain to their Doctors in wet or soon to be rainy weather conditions.

Scientists may be far from providing a definite answer, but family doctors do notice a change in patient’s response during rainy days. The Weather Channel and AccuWeather all have an index on their respective websites citing the possibility of pain ache.

We may have advanced weather forecast systems in place, but predicting the human condition on a daily basis is still far from becoming reality.

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