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Huawei: Tech Espionage Allegations

Tech Espionage AllegationsChinese tech manufacturer Huawei in a definitive statement denies any espionage links with their government, stating they were never forced to provide access to their technology.

The United States government has recently said that the Chinese company could be a potential national security risk, as it could provide vital telecommunication information to Beijing.

In a statement Ken Hu, deputy chairman of the board of directors, cites that the company has never been asked to provide access to their technologies.

Reporters acknowledge the statement, however some are already pointing to the rather ambiguous use of the word “ask”, claiming Huawei never denied the fact that they were ordered to hand over, or voluntarily give up information.

Issued in a new cyberspace whitepaper, the statement reads that it is against the policy of the Chinese company to share any of its data with the government or its agencies. Huawei, a major manufacturer and telecommunication company, has been desperate to set foot in the U.S. markets with their Windows 8 Phone and Android devices.

Huawei’s allegation came at a time when the U.S. government is also heavily involved with espionage scandals. The year 2013 saw the thrilling roller-coaster ride of Edward Snowden, as well as the leaked capabilities of the NSA and the PRISM surveillance program.

Tech espionage allegations or not, this fresh hassle between the United States and China could be another flank on the little known cyber war that is supposedly raging on in the background.

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