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College Roundup: The Florida Gators beat the Tennessee Volunteers

The Gators were happy today as they overwhelmed the Volunteers in FL. The Volunteers ended down by 14 giving up 31 points to the Florida bringing the record to 2-1 for the Gators as the season progresses.

It was 7 points for Devaun Swafford for the Volunteers after a 62 yard interception return in the 1st quarter bringing the score to 7-0. The Gators’ Austin Hardin had fans crazy with a 23 yard field goal accumulating 3 for the Gators.

Solomon Patton put up 7 points on a well done 52 yard pass from Tyler Murphy score 7-10. In the 2nd quarter, the Gators Mack Brown marched forward with a 3 yard run adding 7 points to the Gators.

Excitement builds as the Volunteers Michael Palardy delivered a 44 yard field goal recording 3 for the Volunteers. The Gators’ Matt Jones made 7 points on a successful 4 yard run in the 3rd quarter making it a 10-24 game.

The Gators came up with 7 with a well executed 7 yard run making it a 10-31 game. Alton Howard added 7 for the Volunteers on a 18 yard pass from Justin Worley for a 17-31 game.


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