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100 Atari Games will be Available through Steam

100 Atari games will be available through SteamWere you a kid back in the 1980’s that ran home from school to play Atari games?  Those were the days when life was simple and so were the games.  Think about how much video games has changed since then.  Frogger was a game where you dashed through the street trying not to get ran over by cars and trucks.  It’s a far cry from the sophisticated multiplayer games people enjoy today.  Many people reading this long for the ability to play Atari games once again.  Retro gamers always go from garage sale to garage sale in hopes of finding a working Atari they could buy at a decent price.

There’s good news for every one of you that are into playing this timeless classics.  Atari will release 100 of their games via Stream.  The exact date of their release has yet to be determined.  It’s expected that they’ll be available some time this spring.  The cost of the games has also yet to be released.  The only thing that’s certain at this point is that the games will be released.  It’s good news for any gamer that’s longed to play these not forgotten games.  It should also be noted that at the time of this reporting that the titles also haven’t been released.  The details are quite vague and it’s still a developing story.

Remember back in the day when you couldn’t make it to your friend’s house to play games with them?  It was a bummer and could easily ruin an afternoon.  That’s never going to be a problem again.  It doesn’t matter if your friend lives next door or half way around the world.  Steam will enable people to compete against each other over the internet.  Finally, the games you loved back in the day will be fully interactive.  Just wait until Bobby finds out you can play with him even if his mom says he can’t come over!

The newly released games will also boast better controlling.  The joysticks have been revamped insuring that players will have an even more enjoyable experience.  This will be important because you’ll want to show off your high scores on Steam’s Leaderboards.  That’s where you’ll brag to all of your friends that you kicked some serious behind and they need to catch up.  It’ll be like living in the past, only if the past was filled with worldwide gaming and better controls.  You won’t have the joystick to blame when your character runs out of lives.  That may be the only downside to Atari’s revamping of their system.

Keep an eye out on Steam to make sure you don’t miss when these games are released.  Most Atari collections back in the day didn’t have 100 games in them.  More than likely many of you’ll be playing some brand new games.  It’ll bring you back to the past faster than a time machine could.  Your Pac-Man shirt may not fit from way back when, but your love of Atari hasn’t diminished a single bit.  That’ll be evident the first time you play these games and the hours go by like minutes.

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